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Updated: September 27, 2014

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Steve Piatz, award-winning mead-maker, author, The Complete Guide to Making Mead: The Ingredients, Equipment, Processes, and Recipes for Crafting Honey Wine, begins with a brief history of the fermented beverage; a rundown of the various types of mead; and a discussion of the many types of honey that are available, their characteristics, and where to source them. Readers will be treated to discussions of yeast and special ingredients, as well as what equipment is necessary and recommended and an illustrated and detailed look at the basic process. With more than 100 color photos, “The Complete Guide to Making Mead” includes dozens of recipes for basic meads (honey only), melomels (honey and fruit), metheglins (honey and spices), and braggots (honey and malt). iWineRadio1043a

Joe Roberts, Blogger, 1WineDude: ‘Serious Wine Talk For the Not So Serious Drinker,’ is an independent source of wine information and he chooses what to write about, what to say about each topic, and when it gets published… since 2007. Heckle him for his latest wine coolness delivered to your virtual doorstep in short, easily digestible mini wine reviews and some educational, entertaining wine videos. If you're looking to up your wine tasting IQ, check out his book ‘How to Taste Like a Wine Geek: A practical guide to tasting, enjoying, and learning about the world's greatest beverage.’ Here a link of Roberts playing bass and didgeridoo in Steve Liberache’s song Pearl of a Girl. iWineRadio1043b

Gary Mortensen, President, Stoller Family Estate, Willamette Valley, Oregon, announces a new branding for packaging and website. Stoller represents the largest contiguous vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills and the 2014 recipient of Wine Press Northwest’s “Northwest Winery of the Year.” Stoller Family Estate Winery is committed to leadership in winegrowing and sustainable environmental practices. “Our new branding reflects Bill Stoller’s over twenty-year process of transforming his family’s farm into one of Oregon’s leading winegrowers and a destination winery, as well as a model of sustainability. In the last two years alone we have invested extensively in our vineyard, opened a new net zero energy tasting room, remodeled our three guest homes and hired a team of talented professionals to provide excellent hospitality for our guests.” iWineRadio1043c

Jessica Munnell, Washington State University viticulture-trained, Winemaker, Mercer Wine Estates, Prosser, Washington founded by Mercer family fifth generation in 2005. The Mercers are one of the largest landowners and grape growers in Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills, tending 18 percent of the vineyard land with over 2000 acres for their estate wines and vineyard clients. Horse Heaven Hills is home to 25% of the state’s wine grapes. Learn why grapes grown in Horse Heaven Hills are so highly regarded by Washington state winemakers. Mercer Wine Estates includes three tiers of wines ranging from $10 to $42, Riesling to Cabernet Sauvignon. iWineRadio1043d

Fredric Koeppel, veteran journalist, writes and publishes the immensely popular, well-regarded blog Bigger Than Your Head wine reviews and industry commentary from his home in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, he’s focusing a lot of attention on delicious dry rosés for our summer delight. iWineRadio1042a

Elaine Chukan Brown, Philosopher, Writer, Blogger, Illustrator, former academic, publishes her unique voice in Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, now considered a “new standard for wine reviews.” She’s phenomenally well connected and highly regarded. She writes from her home in Sonoma County. iWineRadio1042f - The Flash movie requires a newer version of the Flash plugin. Please click here to upgrade your flash plugin.